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Security Solutions

Our directors both have degrees in Networ Security and Forensics, but how does that allow us to be an asset to our clients you might ask? When you start to think about security it can be such a daunting and seemingly expensive task that conversations move fom one gradious idea to the next without making any traction and confusing any sense of asset procurement planning. As it turns out the program used to educate our directors specifically focuses on the task of compartmentalizing and prioritizing a security budget. The techniques and custom desgined applications that we use during a site-survey will collect the neccessary information to assess potention threats, vulnerabilities, and assets that pose the greatest security risks.

We employ various techniques to achieve a layered security for physical assets such as IP Cameras, RFID/GPS tracking systems, LTE connected sensors, and other tech. Our scale can accomidate a single-family home owner with a distant dock up to a Commercial highrise employing thousands of devices with high availability and confidentiality requirements.

Beyond terms of physical security we can consult on Wireless and Spectrum security, ensuring your wireless assets are safe on your network and properly segmented away from prying user eyes. We have made the investment in tools and training to detect and plot the quality of your wireless networks in terms of availability and potential to be intercepted outside of your service areas. Through extensive use of the enterprise gear and vendor proprietary training we have become proficient in building secure encrypted wireless internet bridges and mesh networks. Our networks and assets can span miles to support thousands of devices securely with exceptional scale to also serve the small office or home owner.

We may be engaged to use network and vulnerability scans to asses the potential dangers to your network's core as well as providing insight to standard operating procedures defined by FIPS - Federal Information Processing Standards.

Through associations with vendors, academia, and professional associates our directors can keep a finger on the pulse of technology. Having such a broad and deep understanding of tehcnology is required to remain competitive in our ever changing landscape. Our directors spend the majority of their time researching, taking classes, speaking with vendors, and developing relationships. The primary focus of HD Solutions and Consulting, Inc. is to put all of our professionalism, education, potential energy and brute force into achieving the outcomes that our client partners desire.

"Having taught as the Bachelor's Department Head of Fountainhead College of Technology, for the Network Security and Forensics program as well as the Electronic Wireless Communications program, I have discovered the tools to bring groups together to accomplish impressive technological feats in the face of challenging financing and various other limitations."
-Kenneth Nedbal, President