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As a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer, we design, install and activate hotel and free-to-guest video and wireless systems. Here are a few system solutions we offer:


We are proud to offer the DIRECTV Residential Experience, the newest commercial television service that brings the DIRECTV your guests know at home, into your property. We currently offer these solutions with no upfront equipment costs, and a seamless integration with zero down time.

Get up to 150 channels, with over 90 HD channels, all controlled by an anti-microbial finished remote (specifically designed for hotels).

DRE Example Image


For properties with more than 250 rooms, that are constrained by brand standards to use Pro:Idiom encryption, by the cabling plant in your hotel, or for installations where you don’t want or cannot have receivers in-room, the COM2000 HD Headend System is the perfect HD TV System solution.

With the COM2000 you can increase channels easily by adding receiver blades, the system includes redundancy of key components to give you peace of mind that you system will maintain uptime, it supports both RF and IP based networks, the system automatically tracks DIRECTV programming changes, and can be monitored both on your local LAN and remotely via a built in web interface.