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The demand for wireless access at campgrounds and RV Parks has shifted from "nice to have", to a necessity. 93% of campers today bring their mobile devices on their trips. Due to this, network performance has become a business-critical requirement. Guests have come to expect a reliable Wi-Fi connection. A poor campsite Wi-Fi system will influence their decision to stay at a park...or leave. To accommodate the growing number of mobile and Wi-Fi enabled devices, improvements to the efficiency of the wireless network and how it handles congestion and increasing capacity is a key factor in a successful and reliable wireless network.

Campers use these devices to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues while on vacation. Seasonal or monthly campers are especially concerned with finding adequate Wi-Fi access as they consider their sites a home away from home. HD Solutions works with parks to provide a reliable and cost effective solution to provide internet access for their guests.

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Turnkey WiFi features for RV Resorts, Campgrounds, and Communities
Mobile Optimization 

We’ll ensure your guests stay connected with a mobile optimized network, allowing them to roam from one end of the resort to the other with their mobile device always connected.

Streaming Capabilities

Modern travelers don’t just want to tell scary ghost stories; they want to stream them around a campfire. With sufficient bandwidth, HD Solutions networks can provide streaming quality WiFi.

Bandwidth Shaping

Not every traveler has the same bandwidth needs, but no single user should be allowed to consume the entire network. HD Solutions will advise you through the process and set appropriate limits for your valued guests and your RV park WiFi.

ISP Sourcing

Finding the right ISP is critical to the success of every WiFi network. At HD Solutions, we leverage our relationships with the nation’s leading ISPs to bring the best bandwidth to support your outdoor WiFi at the lowest price.


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HD Solutions provides custom quotes for properties of all sizes in as little as 48 hours. The process starts with a simple conversation with one of our knowledgeable project managers. HD Solutions then gets to work quickly analyzing the layout of each property and determining the appropriate equipment to guarantee coverage throughout the property. Once the final quote is produced it can be presented over the phone or via WebEx where your project manager and our Director will be available to answer any questions you may have about the system and implementation.

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