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HD Solutions offers affordable, effective connectivity withprofessional, specialized service.

The Gold Standard

HD Solutions has been building and servicing wireless and television distribution systems since 2010. This wealth of experience allows us to help you navigate the often conflicting array of technologies and services offerings from competing manufacturers.

We take great pride in planning, designing and building these systems, bringing value to every solution. With the tools, skills and desire to help, every one of our team members works tirelessly to provide youwith an exceptional service experience that is big on honesty, integrity, quality and communication.

Wi-Fi Site Survey and Installation

We will provide a comprehensive analysis and detailed heat map of your premises that takes into consideration the area size, required coverage, number of devices to be used and the current infrastructure. This analysis will take into consideration interference from other buildings and structures for a detailed plan to provide you with full wireless network deployment.

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Television Site Survey and Installation

Our TV Site Survey will include an evaluation of your existing cables and equipment as well as the condition and functionality of your current system. This will allow us to determine whether it can be repaired or upgraded or whether it needs to be replaced altogether. Our goal is to save you money and spare you inconvenient maintenance visits from your current provider.

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Customized Solutions

HD Solutions has designed, implemented and upgraded the Wi-Fi and TV systems of hundreds of commercial properties. We tailor each solution to the individual needs of our clients. This ensures that each solution will work for the specific property and it allows us to keep your cost down and avoid the need for expensive add-ons later. Moreover, it frees us to guarantee to you that our designs will fulfill all your needs.

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