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About Us

HD Solutions and Consulting Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business owned and operated by Kenneth Nedbal and his fiancé Vina Headrick. HD Solutions has serviced East Tennessee and the surrounding states since 2010 performing small miracles with technology for their clients. Kenneth originally took on the complex television systems that operate within hotels and apartment buildings. Since incorporation and through years of unique requests far from the television systems that originally launched the business, HD Solutions has consulted, contracted, engineered, and installed all mater of technology into various industries. We welcome you to look over the many industries we serve and browse our project white pages and client feedback. We enjoy promoting technology and sharing the wins that improve client satisfaction, build relationships, and bring success for our partnering properties.

We strive to equip our partnering properties with the latest technology; Either through direct sale or in terms that promotes profit and sustainability for the property outcome expectations, and our own capabilities. As you will discover browsing our site, we have become an asset to our clients in all sorts of areas that drive guest satisfaction. We connect people and businesses using enterprise grade technology that can rarely be found on the shelves of the big-box chain stores.

Our approach to technological conflict resolution is to first
Listen with the intent to understand.

Our core values put the client intelligence and perspective ahead of a desire to sell a bill of oods. When you recieve an estimate from HD Solutions please consider it an invitation to our area of responsibility. We have embraced the complexities that you are dealing with on a day-to-day basis and we are pledging our energy, effors and research capabilities to remain at your disposal until the outcome has been achieved. The relationships we have created with our clients have ben valuable assets and are primarily responsible for our success. After 10 years in business using only word-of-mouth we are now choosing to start prmoting and advertising our sills and experience. We hope that you will find us a useful asset for developing, maintaining, and promoting successful technology solutions to you and your guests at your property or establishment soon.

Directors of HD Solutions and Consulting, Inc.:

Kenneth NedbalPresident US Army, Satellite Communications Technician OIF/OEF
  Fountainhead College, Electronic Wireless Communications Professor
  Double Bachelors Degree, Magna Cum Laude
       - Network Security & Forensics
       - Electronic Wireless Communications
Vina HeadrickOperations Director Entrepreneur and Business Consultant
  Graphics Design and Web Marketing
  Bachelors Degree, Magna Cum Laude
       - Network Security & Forensics
       - Business Continuity and Risk Assessment